About Us

GEMsoft7 is devoted to workplace safety and has built a global reputation over the past twenty years, deploying P2W, our safe system of work software,  across a diverse range of industries, from Airports to Oil Rigs, Mines to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants, Nuclear Power Stations to Whisky Distilleries. The list goes on!

Times are changing rapidly and GEMsoft7 is changing with them. 

Building upon the success of P2W,  Imperative is GEMsoft7’s latest innovation and brings together a series of software components and business processes which have the ability to simplify the complexity associated with your journey to Operational Excellence. 

Imperative also brings a new level of flexibility and visibility, particularly for those companies with already well-established process, performance and behavioural monitoring systems but who lack the ability to consolidate the resultant data as a single point of view on their Cumulative Risks – across assets, regions, continents or globally!  Imperative’s Operational Hub acts as a lens, bringing all its data into sharp focus in a single location.

In our opinion, Operational Excellence is a widely used phrase to describe an unrealistic goal. However, GEMsoft7’s Industry experience, allied to our technical expertise, appreciates that as you get closer to it, the more you move further from it. This is why Imperative is the ideal solution for every major asset owner looking to improve efficiency through digital transformation. 

Now you can have the dexterity to deal with change over time and in real time, while protecting your corporate integrity, your people, your assets and your bottom line!

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