Manage COVID-19

Visualise Risk Management of COVID-19

Managing COVID-19 exposure at the Corporate Level

The addition of a COVID Barrier enables monitoring of the status your company’s COVID-19 prevention and response management procedures at the highest levels.

Identification of Prevention and Response Management as Critical Elements in your  COVID-19 response enables you to monitor the effectiveness of your  measures for preventing a COVID-19 outbreak within your site, and the effectiveness of your measures for responding to an outbreak amongst your workforce.

Imperative’s ORA ensure all risk assessments performed for such events are performed in a uniform manner and that all relevant experts are involved. The automatic audit trail created is an invaluable aid   when investigating incidents

Monitoring COVID-19 at the site entrance

P2W 20:20 enables the identification of Workforce Members with COVID-19 symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 symptoms, prompting a request that they do not enter the site.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment questions are available, with all Workforce members required to complete the questions each day as a prior condition to gaining entrance to sites. 

Additional mitigation measures such as links to thermal imaging scanners and security entrance systems are available.

Monitoring COVID-19 risk at the worksite

The Operational Risk Profile of any area within your site is accessible when managing work on site with P2W.

P2W enables immediate checking of the current risk profile for the area in which work is being planned, about to be authorised or permits issued.

This risk profile can, of course, include the COVID-19 barrier and this check can also be made when resuming suspended work.