Connect & Protect your Competent Workforce

Building upon the global reputation for our P2W Safe System of Work software, GEMsoft7 has collaborated with Pegasus, a world leading software provider, to create P2W 20:20, the most powerful workplace and workforce management solution available today.

The Contractor Funnel below, illustrates the power of P2W 20:20.  The combination of Pegasus and P2W WAF, provides full visibility of contractors from Pre-Qual to completion of work, including the management of their performance in between.

Manage Contractors (Above the line)

Company Pre-Qual: Collect, compare and verify contracting company data to your standards.

Worker Competency Management: Ensure the competence and safety of your contingent workforce

Site Induction and LMS:  Your workforce has access to the Pegasus Learning Environment,  where they can undertake your site inductions and roles related training. 

Digital Boundary

P2W 20:20’s Digital Boundary utilises the Pegasus Worker Identification mobile app and P2W’s Work Authorisation Framework (WAF).  

Workforce Identification:  Pegasus provides workers with a means of identification – on card or digital, available on their phone. These ID passes can be used to gain access via Pegasus supplied barriers, kiosks or can link to existing physical access systems. The ID passes can be used to trigger enhanced access questions, such as those widely asked right now, regarding COVID-19 symptoms.

P2W WAF: Pre-empts a contractor’s arrival at a site’s gate, by identifying whether they have the necessary authorisation to come onto the asset.  Only those authorised workers using the Pegasus Workforce Identification app will obtain an approval from P2W to proceed and perform work.

P2W WAF (Below the line)

P2W WAF: The framework (as shown in the cog icon opposite) supports interactions between the  Site Owner, the Service Requestor and the Service Supplier, to ensure all work is authorised in advance and managed on the day. The cog quadrants represent the distinct phases through which all work passes. 

P2W WAF has been deployed across various industry sectors. Typical examples include –

  • Construction of nuclear power plants
  • Management of work across Chemical Refining plants.
  • Management of work performed by multiple stakeholders at major Airports,  on an “as-needed” basis.
  • Oil & Gas assets – manned and unmanned, both onshore and offshore.


The Visibility, Compliance and Efficiency that P2W WAF brings to our clients, is available to you!