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Industry: Airports - Gatwick

Industry: Airports - Gatwick

A change of ownership at Gatwick Airport brought increased capital investment in this asset and with it, a renewed focus on the management of Contractors carrying out development works. It subsequently emerged that no, clear, overall picture existed of the work being performed by Contractors, due in no small part to the multiplicity of work process mechanisms being used to manage them. 

This lack of clarity in how work was approved, together with inconsistencies in the application of Gatwick’s Safe System of Work processes, fuelled further concerns about Gatwick’s increased exposure to risk and unnecessary costs. 

The solution was found in P2W which was already successfully deployed at Gatwick, managing the Airport’s permit systems.By simply extending theP2W’s role to include Work Authorisation, its flexible framework was able to provide the desired levels of visibility, order and consistency desired at the Airport and considered invaluable to the work approval process and the complete Control of Contractors. 

P2W also provides an indelible record of the Airport’s devotion to regulatory and legislative compliance and is pivotal in the delivery of its SiteSmart programme, part of the Airport’s wider corporate responsibility policy.


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