GEMsoft7's focus on workforce and workplace safety has created a uniquely flexible and focused family of digital solutions. These ensure a competent workforce performs safely on site at all times, with clear visualisation and communication of any associated risks to all stakeholders.

Managing a Competent Workforce

Building upon the global reputation of our P2W Safe System of Work software, GEMsoft7 has collaborated with Pegasus, a world leading software provider, to create P2W 20:20, the most powerful workplace and workforce management solution available today. It provides companies with unparalleled control, ensuring that only a fully competent workforce ever performs on their sites and always in a safe and efficient manner.
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Manage Work On-Site

GEMsoft7 created the Work Authorisation Framework (WAF), extending the scope of its Permit To Work solution to encompass the process of bringing a contractor workforce onto site, as well controlling their work while on it. The safety and efficiency of WAF has been validated by EDF, having selected P2W to manage the construction works at Hinkley Point C (the UK’s first nuclear power plant construction for 30 years). Having successfully managed all construction activities at HPC from inception, P2W is now showing its scalability as the workforce expands.
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Manage Operational Risk

In response to increasing operational complexities and, more specifically, the question raised by the UK’s HSE and the EU OSD 2013/30 –

“How do you address and demonstrate the management of the cumulative effect of risk on your assets?”

In response, GEMsoft7 developed Imperative, its unique, cloud-based, Digital Platform for Operational Risk Management, offering asset owners a strategic solution to the challenges of today, while providing flexibility to accommodate those yet to come.

Imperative’s support for the management of an asset’s Cumulative Risk position is unequalled. It comprises 3 synergistic modules:

  1. Imperative’s Active Barrier Management

    (ABM) implements the widely understood Barrier Management principles conceived by James Reason and utilises the IOGP’s 544 Barriers as a starting point.

  2. Operational Risk Assessment (ORA)?

  3. Action Management and Verification

    Affectionately referred to as the “Hub”, this module ensures all risk mitigation actions are allocated to named individuals and their performance verified.

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