Manage Work On-Site

Modern day pressures on time and money increase the likelihood of shortcutting and human error. This is why GEMsoft7 developed P2W.

Work Authorisation

GEMsoft7 created the Work Authorisation control. In effect, this is a wrapper around the Safe System of Work (SSOW) controls in common use (Permits and Isolations), enabling focus to be placed on the process of bringing contractors onto site to perform work, while  engaging with stakeholders normally excluded from the SSOW process.

It also brings all on-site work into the Work Authorisation Framework (WAF), extending safety, compliance and verification benefits to work which previously had been invisible and therefore not controlled.  The WAF is generic and flexible, modelled around the on-site work requirements of the three main parties that participate in work on site. Namely –

  • Site Owner
  • Service Requestor
  • Service Supplier.

The flexibility and adaptability of P2W WAF is evidenced by the large range of industry sectors in which it has been successfully deployed. 

P2W Work Authorisation Framework

P2W is a unique electronic Permission to Work software system which ensures your control of work processes not only comply with industry-specific regulations and Government legislation but also protects your assets and everyone who has a reason to touch your business.

To do this, GEMsoft7 has taken the concept of Safe System of Work (SSOW), which builds upon Permit and Isolation Management and Risk Assessment and extended it to include Work Authorisation.

In doing so, P2W helps you meet the requirements of UK and International Health & Safety directives and quality standards such as – HS@W ’74/’79; ACOP’s; MHS@W ’99; ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001.

Permit Management

P2W supports multiple types of permit, each specifying their own workflow, competency requirements, hazards and controls checklist, print templates, start/end times and work duration.

Utilising P2W Reports, you can easily produce a detailed analysis of the spread of permits produced on your site and identify over or under use of specific types.

Permits can be linked to each other via special relationships which can control the order in which permits can be active.

Risk Assessment

P2W supports multiple approaches, including Task Risk Assessment (TRA) and Safe Job Analysis (SJA).

A Hazard and Controls register, along with a customisable risk matrix, enable you to tailor the risk assessment process to your own requirements.

Isolation Management

P2W greatly enhances the management of isolations. Through the support for Isolation Certificates on which all Isolation Points (IP) are recorded, points can be entered manually or can be selected from the P2W Isolation Point Register.  

P2W supports the combining of multiple types of IP on one certificate, or separate certificates for each type of IP required (e.g. Process, Mechanical, Electrical or Nuclear). This greatly increases the visibility of IPs across different permits.

P2W enforces the relationship between the isolations and permits, by creating locks within the software at critical points in the workflows of the permit and the isolation controls. (see diagram).

These locks ensure that the following conditions always hold true:

  1. A permit cannot be issued until the Isolation Certificate has been verified as “in place”.
  2. A Sanction To Test cannot be performed on an Isolation Certificate until all the permits linked to it have been suspended (for Sanction To Test).
  3. No IP on the Isolation Certificate can be de-isolated until all linked permits have been closed.


P2W simplifies the printing of IP tags, including support for re-issuing of tags without re-numbering of P&IDs.

The creation of libraries of isolations are supported through copying of existing isolations and the creation of Work Packages for specific purposes, eg summer shutdown.

P2W also supports Long Term Isolation (LTI) registers, with built-in reviews to ensure their integrity is maintained.

Real-Time Competency Verification

All parties to a permit have their competency checked at every stage  of the permits’ lifecycle (this also applies to isolations). This ensures that only authorised and competent persons can work with your permits.

P2W also has extensive built-in functions for managing the competency of your workforce, staff and contractors – for example, notifications will be sent to management when a competency certification is about to expire.

P2W adopts the HR-XML schema for the definition of competency.

P2W Contractor Portal

P2W Contractor Portal streamlines communication with your contractors by granting them direct access to the system.

Contractors can prepare their own Work Requests and work cooperatively with you online to ensure the proposed work is properly authorised.

P2W applies access restrictions to what you consider appropriate for your contractors to see on your system.

Work faster, smarter, safer

Implementing more control will bring more delays or make existing processes more protracted, is a common misconception.

Quite the contrary! Moving to P2W brings big and immediate improvements to operational efficiency. You’ll find it invokes disciplines which smooth your working day, by anticipating operating issues and seeking approvals ahead of time, giving you peace of mind and time to consider wider operational issues.

Getting P2W up and running just couldn’t be simpler. Gemsoft7’s Consultants will map all your processes onto your own, personalised, version of P2W and arrange tutorials for your identified personnel.

Fast Deployment

A typical deployment takes between two to three months, from start to finish. But, your staff will be fully P2W  literate within hours of being exposed to the system.

P2W makes this possible because all the processes your people will manage in the future are, largely, the ones they have used in the past. Only, now presented and executed in a more considered, structured and disciplined way.So, your system will not only look familiar from day one, it will feel intuitive too!

Imagine, all your previous paperwork and associated processes now neatly consolidated onto just two computer screen pages, with all the prompts and safeguards your business needs to keep you in control?

If it wasn’t so important, you might say working with P2W was “child’s play”.

Cutting out complexity & cost

GEMsoft7 believes in lifetime relationships but ones that don’t lock you into a lifetime of unpredictable expenses.

This is why we offer P2W on a site-by-site, unrestricted user licence basis, which together with a number of hosted and system management options, provide you with the freedom to make the decisions which work best for your business and your cash flow.

Altogether, P2W is a flexible and cost effective system, which is synergistic with Six Sigma doctrine. Using DMAIC methodology, P2W is constantly evolving, building upon knowledge derived from live market experience and extensive sectoral exposure, to provide you with an unrivalled tool.

And, because P2W is highly configurable, it is able to embrace changes emanating from Lean 360 initiatives which ensure its continuing evolution at a rate consistent with the changing demands of your company’s development.

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