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Industry: Airports - Manchester

Industry: Airports - Manchester

The Manchester Airport Asset Management Team implemented P2W, the Electronic Work Authorisation and Contractor Management solution from GEMsoft7 after seeing the benefits that P2W had delivered at London Stansted Airport.

The successful implementation was summarised by the leader of the Manchester Airport Team: “In fact one of the surprising aspects of installing P2W has been how smoothly the implementation has gone from an operational perspective. We did expect some resistance from contractors, but in fact, as many of them were already used to working in very controlled environments at other sites, most have responded very well to the new, more formal but safer way of working.”

The team at the airport continues to enjoy a productive relationship with their counterparts at GEMsoft7. “What we like about working with GEMsoft7 is that we feel that they listen to us and understand our requirements, nothing that we’ve ever asked about has been dismissed; they will always go away and try to find a solution.” This could range from the creation of a permit type new to GEMsoft7, such as the “Ionising Radiation,” permit and report and audit, which records details of the location and work required on X-ray machines as required by Public Health England, to the ability to view information from the Projects folder in P2Win a gantt chart format. “


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