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Industry: Oil & Gas

Industry: Oil & Gas

Exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon resources, whether on or offshore, is an extremely hazardous business, requiring Health & Safety management processes which protect the operators, their workforces, assets and corporate reputations.

Over recent years much has been achieved in driving up safety standards, with Step Change in Safety, an exemplar UK initiative, which continues to reinforce the safety agenda in the Northern hemisphere. This is arguably truer today in light of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, with the lessons learned now providing the benchmark for the development of even safer operating regimes.

Notwithstanding these responsible and diligent actions, much can still be done towards fulfilling the aims of the Step Change in Safety strategy, particularly as modern day pressures on time and money increase the likelihood of shortcutting and human error. This is why GEMsoft7 developed P2W.


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